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The basic Wing Chun techniques


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

The basic Wing Chun techniques

The most important Wing Chun techniques

Wing Chun is a style from which 6 Dragons Kung Fu has drawn many important lessons, let's see a brief list of some of the more relevant techniques of this martial art.

Note - This article has been asked by one of our Core Course practitioners on Patreon (see how to attend our home study classes here Learn Kung Fu online: a beginner-to-expert course).

Wing Chun stresses the use of upper limbs and (especially in the more traditional schools) implements the legs principally for evasive movements and middle / low kicks.

What interests us most is the use of the arms, made up of moves that arise as multipurpose movements that evolve into what is needed according to the dynamics of the fight (deflections, attacks, etc.).

A note by Master Kongling - This is the first part of an evolving mini-guide to Wing Chun (we will gradually update and exapand it).

Block, deflection and striking techniques

A note by Master Kongling - A small premise: despite everyone is claiming to teach the true / original / traditional Wing Chun, as for many other martial arts: it does not exists a standardized version. For each school / master, the methods of execution change, so let's do not be surprised if we find differences (even substantials). In the context of this explanation we do not follow any particular "current" but (as always) we try to get the best from each one (in our vision of Kung Fu it is true only what works in practical tests).

Biu Sao (thrusting fingers or darting hand) - Used as a "block", it can deflect an attack about at the shoulder height (or above); used as a strike, it can be exploited to hit the opponent's eyes or throat

Bong Sao (wing arc hand or wing arm) - Once this move is correctly interiorized, it can effectlively and rapidly deflect the adversary's attacks through the forearm (positioned in front of us parallel to the ground)

Fak Sao (swing hand or cutting hand) - It is a vibration of the extended arm that hits with the open hand (it finds its source of power in the elbow)

Fook Sao (subduing hand) - It can be used to control / subdue / feel the opponent's arm

Gaun Sao (splitting hand or splitting block) - It can be used to cover the attacks toward the ribs but one of its best applications is to intercept an attack before it reaches the full power (implementing also the full bod inertia)

Huen Sao - [...]

Ju Cheung - [...]

Jum Sao - [...]

Jut Sao - [...]

Kau Sao - [...]

Kop Sao - [...]

Kop Jarn - [...]

Kwan Sao - [...]

Lan Sao - [...]

Lap Sao - [...]

Lin Wan Kuen - [...]

Man Sao - [...]

Pak Sao - [...]

Pie Jarn - [...]

Po Pai Cheung - [...]

Tan Sao - [...]

Tie Sao - [...]

Tok Sao - [...]

Wu Sao - [...]


A note by Master Kongling - Do you want us to add or correct something? Feel free to share your contribute in the comments.

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