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How to teach Kung Fu to my children


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How to teach Kung Fu to my children

How to teach Kung Fu to my children

Kung Fu is the best present that a children could receive

To share the learning path of Kung Fu (through the Core Course) with our sons is one of the best experiences ever, for us and for them:

We give them something incredibly important, physical and mental self-discipline

We teach them that with effort and constacy they can reach every kind of result (something that will serve them every day of their life and in every field)

We teach them that violence (physical / psichological) is always the wrong way and at the same time to do not fear it (in other words, we teach them respect)

We gain a reason to spend formative time together and become true points of reference for most of the crucial aspects of life

We give them something for which, one day, they will thank us (read also 12 Things That change for 6DKF's practitioners (mental) and 10 things that change for 6DKF's practitioners (physical))

Why do dids approach martial arts?

Kids approach martial arts for a specific reason, to get physically stronger but (in addition to this) what they get is something absolutely more relevant: to get mentally stronger.

A note by Master Kongling - I have personally seen many children changing drastically: in social relationships, at school (etc.). Substantially, Kung Fu allows them to learn to avoid shortcomings (in studying, in reasoning, in judging people, in the abuse of physical / psychological violence, in the surrender to irrational fears, etc.).

Are all of the positive benefits automatic with all martial arts / schools / teachers?

Absolutely not, it all depends on:

The didactical materials

The spirit with wich the materials are exposed

The teacher's adherence to the principles taught

The discipline / intensity of the training sessions

A note by Master Kongling - As I have seen too many times in the various schools that I have visited (even as a student when I was a kid, read Who is Master Kongling?): if we run into the wrong person, he could create severe damages to the younger practitioners' minds, making them prone to frustration, anger, aggressivity, bullying (etc.).

Does 6 Dragons Kung Fu cover these requirements?

It would be not honest to reply to this question, the only way to know it is to try (read also Is it legit?) but certainly, there is a reason if we insist so much on these aspects in all our contents: because they are important, because we think they make all the difference.

How to teach Kung Fu to our children

Do we need to be masters to teach 6 Dragons Kung Fu to our children?

No, with the help of our instructors and the Core Course (a home study path, read Learn Kung Fu online: a beginner-to-expert course), a parent can be the perfect trainer for his / her sons.

Can children learn Kung Fu alone?

No, in no case a child can absorb the teachings of real Kung Fu alone and even if it could be possible: it would be extremely dangerous (not only for physical safety but also and above all for psychological development).

How a parent can convey the contents of 6 Dragons Kung Fu to a child

For a parent, this is the correct (or better, the only) approach:

First of all, we have to deeply study and train by ourselves

When we understand something, we teach that something (the Core Course's lessons are short and focused, we have to look at them one by one)

Ideally, we should be at least 1 belt ahead of our children to truly be able to help; however, being the first lessons relatively less complex, at the beginning, even only 5-10 lessons ahead is acceptable

Follow the explanations, ask questions and make videos, only this way, the 6 Dragons Kung Fu's dedicated tuotors will be able to periodically correct the errors

Let's trust ourselves, we can do it (as many of other students have already done with their children in the years)

A note by Master Kongling - If we had seen that the Core Course's method does not work, we would have changed it many years ago but we have seen people completely devoid of athletic / martial preparation (or even with physical problems) become real tigers. Is this a simple path? Certainly not but it works: it is all a matter of reaching the first belt, after that everything comes more naturally.

To allow our children to follow the Core Course, do we have to buy the other thematic video courses?

No, they are not mandatory to reach the black belt (read also 6 Dragons Kung Fu: all video courses) but for a practitioner, the general idea is certainly to gradually learn everything.

A note by Master Kongling - In any case, if we have difficulties, the video course to start with is certainly this: Basic 6 Dragons Kung Fu Exercises.

What are the key aspects to focus on while studying 6 Dragons Kung Fu?

These are the fundamental concepts to understand and transmit:

Real Kung Fu does not focus on passively imitating other people's movements (that method leads to increasingly faded copies of copies)

The passive replication of moves makes them not interiorizable (and it is what has made today's Kung Fu a farce, a butterfly cannot move like a bear)

Real Kung Fu born inside ourselves, it is 75% a matter of training, the teacher only has to remove what is wrong

It is not possible to master 6 Dragons Kung Fu if we do not 100% focus ourselves actively on how to adapt the teachings to our body and mind (read also How to train to master 6 Dragons Kung Fu)

It is only the maximum concentration and effort that gives the real result (read also Daily training: the right psychophysical effort)

In-depth video courses

Mind self-control hacks - How to redesign our mind to improve its functionality and gain better results

Basic Kung Fu stances: how to - A visual and in-depth path to learn the fundamental stances of 6 Dragons Kung Fu

In-depth articles

The right age to start practice - What is the perfect moment to start a martial path with Kung Fu?

How to start practicing from scratch - How to bring our body from zero to the right athletic level


Reply in the comments and share your experience:

How old are your sons?

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