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Daily training: the right psychophysical effort


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Daily training: the right psychophysical effort

The daily psychophysical effort in 6 Dragons Kung Fu

A note by Master Kongling - Differently from a sports competition (where we, for example, we could choose to alternate day by day the maximum effort of each body element), our workout should never make us totally or partially unable to express an at least basic combat performance (read How to always be ready to fight). Our training can be adapted to sports preparation but it borns for (potentially) more demanding goals (read The 6 types of martial clash).

To guarantee us a good level of psychophysical conditioning, we have to:

Aim to train every day the entire body (thus distributing the stress)

Calibrate every single activity (mentally and physically) specifically on us and not on the eventual training group

Avoid as much as possible too repetitive exercises / tasks and if not possible, focus on the idea of doing always better than the last execution

Slightly increase the difficulty of each practice at each session (to improve every day)

Implement as much as possible practical variations, combat techniques, fighting strategies, mental stress, body reactivity, etc.

Sweat and be tired but without leaving the body unable to act (cramps, drowsiness, etc.)

At the end of each session, remain active enough to be able to face a "last fight" (this from the intermediate level on); let's be clear, this does not mean to be in the condition to beat the MMA's champion of the world but to be enough ready to do something to defend ourselves in case of need

Be there with the mind, not only with the body, including activities that maintain us active and fulfilled (no frustrating or distracting exercises)


A note by Master Kongling - Anyone who train seriously knows that many times we are not really tired but we are simply annoyed by the trivial tasks that we are executing (read Intensity of training: depends on what?).

Discipline is a goal, not a starting point

In 6 Dragons Kung Fu, the practitioner is, first of all, encouraged to develop the right level of interest for the practice. Only from this point, we can start to build self-discipine:

As a solid foundation, voluntary and reasoned (read Having discipline: do not contradict ourselves)

Not as an imposed sacrifice (read Discipline is the key to freedom)

A note by Master Kongling - If we need a guard dog (eg. an instructor) to train correctly and honestly, from the exact moment when he will leave, our martial path will end. I have seen it an infinite number of times (read Motivation: from passion to self-discipline and Online learning and martial arts: is it possible?).

In-depth video courses

How to build strong self-discipline - A guided path to gradually strengthen our willpower

Mind self-control hacks - A selection of effective methods to gain better control over ourselves

In-depth articles

7 principles to become a better fighter - A few but important tips about how to improve in martial arts

Measure ourselves with errors - The incredible treasure hidden behind the mistakes that we do


Reply in the comments and share your experience:

How do you feel after your training sessions?

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Difficilmente si può predire cosa succederà domani, si tratta per i più "seri" di ammonimenti o comunque di ipotesi probabili. Se alcuni di questi avessero avuto ragione la terra dovrebbe essere sparita già 100-200 volte


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I maya havevano previsto 100volote delle cose che sarebbero successe, e sono sucesse, avevo detto che sarebbe stato ucciso un presidente con uan data esatta, HANNO SBAGLIATO DI 31SECONDI!! Havevano detto che una certa data sarebbero cadute le torri gemelle E SONO CADUTE poi hanno deto altro ed si è avverato.ORA DICONO CHE NEL 2012 LA TERRA SI FERMERA PER 3GIORNI PER POI GIRARE AL...



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