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6 Dragons Kung Fu: all video courses


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

6 Dragons Kung Fu: all video courses

All our Kung Fu video courses

This is the updated index of all the 6 Dragons Kung Fu's video courses (divided by topic).

Note - This article has been asked by one of our Core Course practitioners on Patreon (see how to attend our home study classes here Learn Kung Fu online: a beginner-to-expert course).

The video courses index

Combat techniques video courses

Basic free hand fighting techniques - All the core techniques of the 6 Dragons Kung Fu's combat system

The Basic KICKS: HOW TO - The fundamental punches of 6 Dragons Kung Fu (included in "Basic free hand fighting techniques")

The Basic PUNCHES: HOW TO - The fundamental kicks of 6 Dragons Kung Fu (included in "Basic free hand fighting techniques")

Body MANIPULATION for COMBAT - How to easily move, unbalance, force the opponent's body elements displacement (to reach our goals during combat)

Chin Na: Principles and Learning - Everything you need to know to face the study of the Chin Na (joint levers, etc.) and the fundamental techniques

Basic KUNG FU STANCES: How To - A precise and complete explanation of how to perform the basic stances of 6 Dragons Kung Fu (theory and exercises)

STRUCTURES for COMBAT: Liquid, Solid, Fluid - How to alter (partially or completely) the level of tension of our body elements in combat

COMBAT MOBILITY: How To - How to replace random and clumsy mobility with conscious spatial management


Combat tactics video courses

Advanced COMBAT TACTICS - How to manage a fight from outside(like a chess match), choose a general strategy and adapt the various tactics (not for beginners)

WORST COMBAT ERRORS to AVOID - A selection of the worst and most common mistakes to avoid combat (with the relative solutions and corrections)

HOW TO use FAINTS in COMBAT - An advanced-level guide to learn to deceive in a natural and instinctive way your opponents (for competitions and self-defense)


Martial weapons video courses

Basic 6 Dragons Kung Fu's WEAPONS - The general development path of the rigid / flexible weapons (also useful for limbs' muscle memory education and therefore free-hand combat)

The BASICS of the KNIFE - How to use, train, manage the knife (theory and a selection of techniques / exercises)


Self-improvement video courses

HOW TO Build strong SELF-DISCIPLINE - How to build a strong mindset able to complete any task you decide to perform (no miracles, the right path)

DECEPTION / LIE DETECTION: HOW TO - Learn to read and give meaning to the signals that our body / the context give and how the experts lie

MIND Self-Control HACKS - A selection of practical methods to exploit and work on your mind


Training methods video courses

Basic 6 Dragons Kung Fu Exercises - All the details about the fundamental technical exercises of 6 Dragons Kung Fu to build real martial skills

COMBAT FLEXIBILITY: Tendons Transformation for MARTIAL ARTS - How to develop the right level of flexibility for combat purpose (to become able to face, in the best way, explosive / dynamic / unexpected openings, etc.)

Full Body STRETCHING EXERCISES - A selection of effective exercises to stretch every single element of our body structure

Upper Limbs TRAINING for COMBAT - A selection of methods and exercises to optimize the mobility / reactivity of the most important fighting tools of our body

Hand grip strength conditioning - How to improve the quality of our grasping capability (for combat purpose)

Static and Dynamic BALANCE: HOW TO - How to reach the right level of equilibrium and adaptability to face a combat


Self-defense video courses

SELF-DEFENSE Basics: HOW TO - A fundamental guide to a serious and effective self-defense approach (prevention, negotiation, escaping, engagement)

SELF-DEFENSE: NOT VIOLENT Self-Preservation - Everything is reasonable to do to avoid, prevent and "unlock" dangerous situations (included in "SELF-DEFENSE Basics: HOW TO")

WEAPON DISARMING: What WORKS and What Not - A realistic view about what is possible to do (and what not) against a weapon


Advanced skills video courses

FA JING: How To Develop EXPLOSIVE POWER - How to become able to express fast movements that release a great amount of energy

IRON BODY: the DEVELOPMENT Path - The full path to advanced impact conditioning of the entire body

IRON PALM: Complete DEVELOPMENT PATH - How to develop the Iron Palm skill (included in "IRON BODY: the DEVELOPMENT Path")

How To DEVELOP a Good TIMING - How to build one of the most important skills of a fighter, the capability to recognize and exploit the time relation between you and your adversary

Advanced speed and reflexes training - An advanced level preparation to improve speed and reflexes

How to punch faster - A sub-course included in "Advanced speed and reflexes training" dedicated only to punching speed

Diamond Finger conditioning - How to condition our finger to become able to use it in combat

MUSCLE CHAIN for MARTIAL ARTS: How To - The right development path of the muscle memory of the muscle chain (for martial arts purpose)


Wellness and health video courses

Back and Neck pain treatment - How to remove any kind of stiffness and tension from our back and neck (both caused by wrong posture, both intense training)

MARTIAL ARTS WEIGHT LOSS: HOW TO - How to lose weight with martial arts training (both for health, both for competitions)

Soft QI GONG for WELLNESS - A selection of 6 Dragons Kung Fu exercises to maintain active and healthy our mind and our body

WELLNESS: SELF-MASSAGE Techniques - How to massage our body to cure its wellness and basic health day by day (without spending for expensive treatments)


Other video courses

DIY TRAINING TOOLS for Martial Arts - How to build DIY training tools at low cost

Basic STEALTH TECHNIQUES - A selection of the more effective stealth mobility techniques (from Ninjutsu, etc.)


More about 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Info and help

Info about our video courses - If you want information about our courses (for supporters only), read KUNG FU Home Study VIDEO COURSES' Structure

Do you have any questions? - If you want to ask for specific articles or give priority to one that is already scheduled, go Learn Kung Fu online: request a specific article

Do you need specific help? - Write at


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