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The contact with the ground


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

The contact with the ground

At the base of ground fighting

In this chapter, we will start to work on the fundamental capabilities that any practitioner needs to possess to face the ground fighting (read Ground fighting).

We will talk about:

The contact with the groundThe basics of ground mobilityThe rolls / summersaultsA note by Master Kongling - Most people think that Kung Fu has no ground fighting: this is not true, it is simply a less known / used practice. In the ancient duels, the fact of ending up on the ground often meant defeat (read Self defense, martial clash and war clash). In war, moving (more or less voluntarily) the fight on the ground was instead considered a serious mistake (read How to avoid the ground fighting). However, all this does not mean that this has not been taken into consideration or that it is less effective / important (it is an extremely common occurrence).

The first important notions about ground fighting

The first things you have to know:

To be a complete practitioner, you cannot avoid the study of ground fightingOn the ground, without the basic notions, even the best fighter will lose against a good grappler (it is like being a fish out of water)Ground fighting is perfect in a fight 1 vs 1In self-defense scenarios, it is not so rare to be threatened by more than 1 potential aggressor (read Forget everything you know about multiple opponents fighting), this means that it should be avoided in those occasions (read also Personal defense: the S.A.F.E. method)If a good grappler wants to bring you on the ground, sooner or later he will succeed (just like a good striker, sooner or later he will reach his goal)We are bipeds and our body develops vertically, moving the fight to the ground is a something that, for a beginner, it is often natural / involuntary (it occurs in most improvised encounters)On the ground many dynamics change but one of the most relevant is that the times (proportionally) slow down (this means that technique and tactics acquire greater importance)If you know how to move, you will last long, if you don't, you will lose all of your energies in a few seconds, no matter how strong you are...Final notes

Even, as we said, if in Kung Fu there is a dedicated branch, 6 Dragons Kung Fu does not limit its teachings to it; it would be foolish and limiting to ignore that there are martial arts that have evolved the fight on the ground in a sublime way (like Ju-Jitsu, BJJ then, etc.)...In the next lesson of this chapter, we will start to talk about the development of contact with the ground.

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Reply in the comments and share your experience:

Have you ever faced a ground fighting expert?

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