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Lesson 6 - Building the basic training tools


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Lesson 6 - Building the basic training tools

How to prepare the training tools of 6 Dragons Kung Fu

In this lesson, we continue the deepening about the fundamental practices of our school (started with Lesson 10.1), explaining the basic parameters to:

Build, assemble and find the ideal training materials

Organize and choose the necessary paces


Important - In this explanation, we will not repat the basic rules of safety. Review all of them in this mini-guide How to train without risks (do not continue if you have not read them).

1. How to set up the Fabric Cloth training

Fabric Cloth training (read Basic tools: the cloth) is the most simple to organize.

What you need:

A piece of cloth that is not too thin or light

The cloth must not be smaller than a square with the side equal to the length of your forearm (also double-layered)

The cloth should not be smaller than a square with the side equal to the length of your extended arm

The ideal size of the cloth is a T-Shirt of your size

The cloth should be smooth and preferably without designs that alter its flexibility


The training area:

The minimum space of training is 2x2m

The ideal size of the training area is 6x6m

Everything is bigger than 6x6m is welcome (open spaces, etc.)


2. How to set up the Poles training

The basic preparation for Poles training (read Basic tools: the pole) is extremely easy but the creation of a real dedicated space requires a lot of work.

What you need:

2-8 wooden / metal poles (not necessarily identical)

The base can be triangular, circular or squared

The lower side of each impact surface must be at least bigger than our fist

The lower side of each impact surface must always be smaller than our waist

Each pole must be smooth and without edges (to avoid abrasions, cuts, etc.)

Each pole must as much as possible stable, solid and static (no big vibrations, etc.)

The minimum height of each pole should not be lower than your height

The best height for the poles is the one you reach stretching vertically our arm


A note by Master Kongling - Naturally, the more you can mistreat the poles as you prefer, the better it is (eg. hitting the poles with sticks, etc.).

The training area:

If you have no money to spend, you could use preexisting structures (like the door jambs, columns, street furniture, etc.)

If you have space, you can buy wooden poles and bury at least half of them in the ground (leaving the right height on the visible part)

The disposition of the poles is free (better if editable, eg. with interchangeable holes)

Each pole must be distant from another one a maximum length of a leg

If you can move 360° around each pole it is better

The ideal size of the training area is 1m around each pole


3. How to set up the Hanging Speedball training

Once recovered the necessary materials, the difficulty of assembling the elements of a Hanging Speedball (read Basic tools: the Hanging Speedball) training area is very low.

What you need:

1-6 low-cost boxing speedballs (or fabric bags with balls inside)

25-50 elastic ropes with carabiners (2 per each rope)

You have to use the carabiners to connect the ropes and the speedballs


The training area:

The ropes must be fixed to a beam or hooks

The higher we can hang the ropes, the better

The minimum space of training is 2x2m

The ideal size of the training area is 6x3m

Everything is bigger than 6x6m is welcome (open spaces, etc.)


Final notes

All these training tools can be used and removed after our practice, they are ideal even for those who travel a lot

It is useless to say that, the ones we have seen, are only basic settings (there are a lot of possible variants)


In-depth video courses

Basic 6 Dragons Kung Fu Exercises - The most complete explanation about the basic training tools and their implementation

In-depth articles

The use of unorthodox methods - How the practice with unconventional training methods can improve our martial growth

A Wing Chun wooden dummy like in PVC - A beginner level first approach with a training dummy


Reply in the comments and share your experience:

What will you set up first?

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