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The first martial skill to be acquired


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

The first martial skill to be acquired

The primary goal for a beginner

The first goal we have to think of is to learn to train every day. If we are beginners, it is totally wrong to start focusing our efforts on reaching advanced martial skills: it is simply impossible.

If (as many do) we let ourselves be enchanted by the final results instead of pursuing the path: we will inevitably fail because they will not be at our disposal in a few time:

We try

We understand the difficulty

We see that we cannot reach what we want

We leave training

Wrong. It is good to repeat it, the best thing to do is to focus on the idea of daily training, this is the first skill to acquire: daily training capability (read How to start practicing from scratch and Practical examples of daily training time subdivision).

Let's ask ourselves if we really want to practice Kung Fu

If we don't like the idea of training every day, we do not have to start to learn Kung Fu. Excluding the 2-4 hours per week amateur courses, any serious martial path is made of daily dedication:




Without this, we will never get anything.

What happens if we train every day?

Once we learn to train every day without interruptions (except for 1 day of recovery each week), we will start to automatically build martial skills, real martial skills.

We are not talking about (useless) tricks or games, we are talking about real capabilities to be applied:

In combat situations

In self-defense scenarios


When does it make sense to focus on specific goals?

At an intermediate level. At that moment, after having developed good self-discipline (related to daily practice), we will be able to start to think about precise martial goals.

What are the real skills?

Let's see some example:

Conditioning for muscle memory (read The muscle memory)

Speed of execution (read Speed and quickness)

Spatial intelligence (read The most important skill in combat)

Endurance (read also [restrict]How to prepare for the effort[/restrict])


All the rest are only jokes, games or tricks (more near to juggling) like:

Broking rocks

Broking wood


A note by Master Kongling - Let's be clear, we appreciate juggling (even the one related to martial arts) and sometimes, we also do these kinds of things but we certainly never lose 1 minute focusing our attention on how to broke a brick or anything similar (often, when the preparation is good, part of this sort of thing becomes feasible even without specific practice but this happens collaterally, it is not the result of a specific study).

How long does it take to acquire real martial skills?

We have to be patient. If we think that real martial skills can be acquired in a few days, in a few weeks, in a few months: you are totally out of the concept.

We have to understand that:

Real martial skills are build in years (and their effectiveness increases and increases and increases with the time)

We cannot build them in a few days (and if we can, those are not martial skills, those are probably useless tricks)

If we are learning something that anyone can do in a few hours, in a few days:

We are wasting our time

That capability is probably useless

It is not worth to be learned

The things that make the real difference in a combat situation, are those that cannot be easily replicated.

What are the steps to learn advanced martial skills?

How to acquire advanced level martial skills:

First, we have to understand what is the path (by a reliable expert)

Second, we have to ask ourselves if we can follow that path (from the beginning to the end)

Third, we have to be gradual (real skills pushes the human mind and body to near its limits)

To deepen the topic of advance martial capabilities read How to acquire special abilities.

In-depth video courses

Basic 6 Dragons Kung Fu Exercises - The core practices that can help you to transform passion in discipline

In-depth articles

Motivation: from passion to self-discipline - How to use passion to rapidly build self-discipline

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Reply in the comments and share your experience:

Are you ready to start a new life path?

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