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Lesson 1 - 3 exercises to acquire real martial skills


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Lesson 1 - 3 exercises to acquire real martial skills

The most important training exercises

In this chapter, we will deepen the topic started in Lesson 2.3 about the first 3 basic technical practices of 6 Dragons Kung Fu. Each of them is designed to develop (and learn to manage) the combat interactions typical of our style (read 6DKF?s interactions: from the strong blow to the light touch):

The fluid ones ? With Fabric Cloth Training (born in our school)

The liquid ones ? With Hanging Speedballs Training (inspired by ancient Shaolin methods, read also Secret Shaolin training tools)

The solid ones ? With Poles Training (inspired by ancient Shaolin methods)

A note by Master Kongling ? We will talk about the last 2 fundamental practices (conditioning and sparring) in the next chapters of this course.

Too many options cause dispersion

There are plenty of exercises that a martial arts practitioner could perform and each of them develops specific body parts, psychophysical abilities (etc.), the only problem is that:

Training time is not endless ? Even training for 16 hours each day, it would be impossible to effectively practice everything (read Tips on how to stretch our training times)

Workout energies are not endless ? Even being in wonderful physical shape, it would be unthinkable (and wrong) to execute too many consecutive (or simultaneous) energy-consuming tasks in the same session (read 6 Dragons Kung Fu training sessions? structure)


It is exactly in response to these issues that the 3 exercises we have listed have been selected and ?perfected?.

A note by Master Kongling ? I am not ashamed to say that it has been a hard work of selection and comparison that lasted several years of study and experimentation (we have compared the effectiveness of dozens and dozens of new and ancient exercises in terms of developing and maintaining combat-related psychophysical skills). This is the result of an entire life of research.

What makes the fundamental technical exercises so effective

The reason why the basic technical exercises have been cataloged as ?fundamental? is that they:

Allow you to increase your fighting skills every day ? They literally regulate themselves over you (the more you become good, the more the ?game? becomes complex)

Allow you to save training time ? You can train effectively even in those ?particular? days where you have a very limited time; this means that in certain (rare) occasions they can even replace the rest of the practice

Allow you to maintain your body extremely reactive ? They involve the entire body in dynamic and explosive movements (but they do not involve forced or repetitive workloads)

Allow you to develop real combat capabilities ? Speed, reflexes, space management, footwork, dynamic equilibrium, timing, spatial intelligence (etc.) are always involved and stimulated by continuous unexpected evolutions

Can be executed at different levels of intensity ? This means that they are eligible for daily routine (both when we are tired both when we are at our best)

Are very engaging ? You don?t need a lot of motivation to perform them, in fact (after the first adaptation period), the mind remains constantly attracted / occupied by proportional and always-different challenges (not easy but even not too hard)

Can be executed everywhere ? Almost in any place and circumstance, it is enough to have a T-Shirt (or a rag), a light pole (or a tree) and a bag to hang (with a ball inside) to be able to work at an incredible functional level


A note by Master Kongling ? When I was studying with grandmaster Yang Jwing-Ming, even in my small room I was able to train with my speedball (for the full anecdote, read Small space 4 hours individual training session sample).

Final notes

All this naturally does not means that if you execute only these practices you become a complete fighter nor that you are automatically prepared for real combat (the path has a lot of other steps but we are for sure in the right direction)

With the fundamental practices of our style, you always have a perfectly balanced replacement to all the exercises that, for any accidental temporarily reason, you cannot execute (leak of time, effort, space, tools, partners, etc.)

In all the other cases, alongside the basic technical practices, must proportionally appear all the other specific and generic exercises (the road to perfection is a journey made of details)


In the next lesson of this chapter, we will start to talk more deeply about the first fundamental practice.

In-depth video courses

Basic 6 Dragons Kung Fu Exercises ? A deep and visual explanation of the fundamental exercises (with variations, setting, examples, common mistakes, best practices, etc.)

In-depth articles

The use of unorthodox methods ? Why and how the use of unorthodox training methods can make the difference

Practical examples of daily training time subdivision ? A few ideas about a precise organization of your 6 Dragons Kung Fu?s sessions


Reply in the comments and share your experience:

What is your favorite fundamental exercise?

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