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From white belt to black belt: your path


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

From white belt to black belt: your path

The meaning of the belt

Let's start with a few but important premises:

A belt is only a belt - The first thing to say is that a belt is only a belt and do not change anything (read When a belt becomes a blindfold)

The value of the exams - What really has value is the necessary discipline, preparation and concentration behind the successful overcome of a serious examination (read Kung Fu exams: online graduation)

Our exams are not easy - Online or not, video or not, we ask the same level of quality to our students; before choosing to face our tests, make sure you are really ready, we are not giving away anything to anyone

No shortcuts - Our path is not easier or less tiring than others, rather it is harder and more challenging; it is more serious because we ask daily study / training, it is harder because you have a bigger responsibility regarding the quality of your preparation

The black belt - Once you reach the black belt you are able to represent our school outside of it but you are only at the third stage of the development of the 6 Dragons Kung Fu (read [restrict]The basics of 6 Dragons Kung Fu[/restrict]); Kung Fu cannot be enclosed in a course, it is a life-long path


The Core Course of 6 Dragons Kung Fu: from white to black belt

A note by Master Kongling - The reason why we do not promote too much our Core Course is that it is only for those who are really interested in our Kung Fu teachings and are decided to make a true "life choice" (few people can do it).

As you know, on our website we have:

Hundreds of free Kung Fu tutorials

Several free mini-guides

Some in-depth video courses

One Free and complete Kung Fu course


But if you are searching for:

The most continuative path

A synthesis of the knowledge to sustain the exams

The daily exercise to practice

The same contents of the lessons that we give to our dojo (guan) practitioners


You have to go on our Patreon page and subscribe as a Practitioner level supporter (or superior, the higher the level, the higher is the number of weekly lessons); this way you will gain access to the Premium weekly lessons, who contain:

All the necessary practice

All the necessary theory

The Core Course is like the highway

Said this (even it should be obvious), it is important to stress that the participation to the Core Course of 6 Dragons Kung Fu does not exclude the study of the rest of the contents that we produce:

Small roads - The tutorials and the articles we offer are good to learn single things

Big roads - The mini-guides to start to approach with bigger topics

The main road - The Core Course is a straight line from white to black belt

Race tracks - The video courses are visual, complete and in-depth explanations of specific arguments


Although the Core Course covers the most fundamental aspects of our Kung Fu, we strongly advise you not to lose anything of what we publish (especially for the video courses).

Summing up

If you are interested to become a complete practitioner and make your skills professionals, you have to:

Ask yourself if you are truly decided to choose this path

Become a Practitioner level supporter (or higher, click here)

Follow meticulously the indication given in the Premium Lessons

Practice and study every day focused on the details like a laser

Ask to sustain the exams (we'll tell you when the time comes)

If you have more questions, write at:

Important - You can start whenever you want but remember that there is a limit to the number of practitioners that we can follow at the same time (reached which we will close the registrations on Patreon).

Good practice.

Master Kongling

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Difficilmente si può predire cosa succederà domani, si tratta per i più "seri" di ammonimenti o comunque di ipotesi probabili. Se alcuni di questi avessero avuto ragione la terra dovrebbe essere sparita già 100-200 volte


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I maya havevano previsto 100volote delle cose che sarebbero successe, e sono sucesse, avevo detto che sarebbe stato ucciso un presidente con uan data esatta, HANNO SBAGLIATO DI 31SECONDI!! Havevano detto che una certa data sarebbero cadute le torri gemelle E SONO CADUTE poi hanno deto altro ed si è avverato.ORA DICONO CHE NEL 2012 LA TERRA SI FERMERA PER 3GIORNI PER POI GIRARE AL...



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