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Combat skills: what we will learn


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Combat skills: what we will learn

What are focused on the 6 Dragons Kung Fu's combat skills?

6 Dragons Kung Fu is a style of life before then a martial art but it has been created to give the opportunity to all of its real practitioners (read You can call yourself a 6 Dragons Kung Fu's practitioner if...) to acquire high-level combat skills (read 6DKF: what does it teach?).

Those skills are related to:

Effective combat technique application (trough gradual harder application in dynamic, not collaborative and complex contexts)

Instinctive automation of defense (trough demanding stimulation of senses, reflexes, etc.)

Natural sequences combination (trough the development of a personal but reasoned combat setting)

Damage resistance / endurance (trough flexibility, pain tolerance, strengthening, etc.)

Muscle memory development (trough the more effective and modern methods)

Balance / rooting management (trough dynamic body disposition exercises)

Precision, speed and power development (trough practical applications in specific exercises and sparring)

Space / time management (trough high speed and unpredictable targets management)

Weapon management (trough a study that converts any kind of element of the combat scenario a part of our body)


How the 6 Dragons Kung Fu develops effective combat skills

Let's see a few examples of our method:

Limbs - We learn to defend ourselves from 8 limbs (or more) at the same time to better resist to 4

Opponents - We train to fight against several opponents to have fewer difficulties with 1

Combat duration - We learn to fight for hours to fight only a few minutes (see How to immediately improve endurance)

Agility - We learn to move with heavy weights on us to maximize our agility (read The weighted vest)

Directions - We learn to cope with fast and simultaneous attacks from all directions only to face the normal ones (read Basic tools: the Hanging Speedball)

Targets - We learn to hit targets each time smaller and fast-moving to have no difficulty with the human body and its crucial areas

Speed - We learn to interact with reactions faster than the ones reproducible by the human body to make our opponents' action slower and predictable (read Basic tools: the cloth)

Physics - We learn to manage the limit conditions of the fighting scenario's elements in relation to speed / time (ruled by physics) to reduce our weakness against faints

Handicap - We learn to fight hard even (for example) with only one limb at a time to use them all at maximum efficiency (read The meaning of sparring fighting in martial arts)

Limit conditions - We learn to sweat, suffer, to struggle to breathe, to move despite serious hindrances

Senses - We learn to fight without sight, hearing or touch to enhance each of our senses (read for example Advanced training: gradually learn to fight in the dark)

Balance - We learn to move nimbly and silently on highly slippery surfaces to gain the maximum balance of the normal ones (read for example Training for balance / rooting: feet on tires)

Proper weapons - We study complex weapons (read for example The Shaolin Meteor Hammer) to easily manage the most common ones (read for example At the base of each weapon: the short stick)

Improper weapons - We learn to lead back to a basic proper weapon any object in the fighting scenario (in order to make our mind flexible)

Intense training - We learn to be lethal (fast, precise, unpredictable, etc.) in order to prevail against our opponents trying to hurt them as less as possible (read also Introduction to the idea of Precision Control)


Needless to stress that, to excel in all these areas it requires serious daily training, based on maximum discipline, preparation and concentration; in the absence of such assumptions, the practice of 6DKF (or any other martial art) is almost a useless waste of time (read [restrict]Who is this course for?[/restrict]).

A note by Master Kongling - We fight "giants" to do not have problems with "normal" people; this is what a good training should be (in any field). Never forget: mediocre goals lead to poor results, in 99% of cases. Those who train to barely reach the basic condition in order to survive it's certain that, facing a real struggle, will remain overwhelmed (read Best martial arts for self-defense).

In-depth video courses

Basic 6 Dragons Kung Fu Exercises - The core exercises fundamental to develop the 6DKF's skills

Basic free hand fighting techniques - The basic combat techniques of our combat system

In-depth articles

How to start practicing from scratch - A Kung Fu starting point for those who are absolute beginners

Is 6 Dragons Kung Fu effective? - A discussion about the real effectiveness of our style


Reply in the comments and share your experience:

What is the hardest skill to gain, in your opinion?

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