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Online Kung Fu training: exercises and tools


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Online Kung Fu training: exercises and tools

How to study online and train from your home (mini-guide)

Before starting:

Online learning and martial arts: is it possible? - A serious discussion about the effectiveness of online training

The right age to start practice - How to know if you are too young or too old to start practicing Kung Fu

Dojo (guan): rules, respect and etiquette - The necessary safety and respect rules to be followed for a serious training

6DKF: what does it teach? - What are the contents of 6 Dragons Kung Fu?


How to train, the preparation:

How to start practicing 6DKF - The first steps to prepare your body and your mind to the martial practice

Practical examples of daily training time subdivision - How to organize a daily workout without being a Shaolin monk

6 Dragons Kung Fu training sessions' structure - How to choose the daily exercise to perform in your workout <- NEW!

Learn Kung Fu online: free introductory video course - A small video course about the basic rules of safety during practice

How to train to master the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Style - The mental attitude and the correct path to develop your 6 dragons

Optimizing the available time - How to optimize as much as possible the time at your disposal


The training session organization:

How to correctly perform warm-up - Before starting any kind of martial activity it is mandatory to warm our body (to avoid injuries, etc.)

Basic warm-up - An example of a simple warm-up good for various types of practitioners

How to correctly perform stretching - After a good warm-up we must perform a few elongations (with special attention to the limbs / joints involved)

Same exercises, different execution - How to make your body and your mind always focused and increase your muscle memory

Intensity of training: depends on what? - What makes an exercises list harder or easier to be executed?

How to train in 6DKF: specific exercises - What are the most important exercises to include in your sessions?

Achieve maximum performance - How to obtain as fast as possible the best results

Workout music: how, when, why - How to correctly employ audio and video stimulation to build motivation


How to solve the most common problems:

5 effective ways to find a training partner - Without a training partner we cannot work on Chin Na techniques

Safe training: the 3 errors rule - One of the most important rules of safety during the workout

How to train with perseverance - How to start building your martial training self-discipline

Acceptance and prevention of pain - How to address the pain and the effort without traumas

Resume training after a period of inactivity - What if you must stop your daily routine for a week?

Move us where crouches an ox: manage the fighting space - You do not need a big gym to train in Kung Fu


The most interesting training tools:

Secret Shaolin training tools - Some of the ancient tools used by Shaolin monk to condition their bodies (hands, fingers, wrists, etc.)

The exercise with the plastic or rattan ring - The Wing Chun ring training for tactile sensitivity, spatial intelligence development (etc.)

A Wing Chun wooden dummy like in PVC - A perfect dummy for a solo workout (beginners only)

The basic equipment for training in 6DKF - All the basic materials that you need to start practice tomorrow

6DKF's basic equipment: explanation - The explanation of each training tool of 6 Dragons Kung Fu


Full lists:

All of our training tips - All the articles and tutorials on this site about training (methods, tricks, etc.)

Training session samples - Various types of training sessions examples (divided by duration, intensity and level of preparation)

Everything about sparring - How to approach with sparring and different practices (to develop specific skills)

All the training exercises - A detailed description of all the training exercises that you can perform to build your Kung Fu

All the conditioning practices - How to attain real capabilities through daily practice (iron body, etc.)

All the techniques - The fighting techniques (and not only) of 6 Dragons Kung Fu

The training tools - A complete list of martial arts training equipment


Our free courses:

A full and free online guide to 6 Dragons Kung Fu - Our core home study course (from beginner to expert)

Free online Kung Fu mini-guides - All of our mini-guides about Kung Fu


If you want to go Pro:

Our Kung Fu Video courses - Buy our Premium courses (divided into specific categories)

Follow our core video course - Become a supporter and start your practice through a guided path

Kung Fu exams: online graduation - How to graduate on 6 Dragons Kung Fu


If you want to ask for specific articles or give priority to one that is already scheduled, read Learn Kung Fu online: request a specific article.

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