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Discipline: key freedom


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Discipline: key freedom

Why, without (self) discipline, there can be no freedom or happiness

First of all, we have to point out one thing: the pure idea of "absolute freedom" (philosophically talking) does not exist and it is not applicable in the real world.

On a more practical plan, the small remaining portion of liberty we could benefit from is further limited by our lack of discipline (read Having discipline: do not contradict ourselves):

We do not do the things we could / should do

We do not avoid the things we could / should avoid

We are slaves of:

Mental weaknesses (eg. infinite questions)

Physical weaknesses (eg. our bad body shape)

Social weaknesses (eg. fear of others' judgment)


These are all things that, building the right self-discipline, we can improve. The fact is that working on the construction an open but strong personality: we indirectly expand our freedom beyond limits that we could even not imagine.

Freedom is proportional to one's self-discipline

The lack of a solid character leads to pursuing narrow goals; because of our weakness we are anchored to bad attitudes, like:

Lie continuously (to others and above all to ourselves)

Opt for poor quality choices (continually giving up the compromise)

Living in frustration (envying and hating the others)

Be subdued by any external emotion / sensation (even the more illogical)


A person who rationally knows how to dominate and accept himself:

Does not need to lie because he does not fear the opinion of others, on the contrary, he yearns for it (to improve)

He is not forced to settle second choices because he works incessantly to reach the ones he really wants and knows he can afford

He is never frustrated because both in winning, both in losing situations he has the serenity given by the fact of knowing to have done his best

He is never transported by unwanted negative / positive emotions (because he can consciously open and close the doors of his mind)


This is the true and only possible freedom.

How to start building self-discipline

Let's see how, practically, we can build the most fundamental mental skill of 6 Dragons Kung Fu, self-discipline:

Let's start training seriously - If our body is not in good shape even our mind will be automatically weak (read How to start practicing from scratch); when we will reach the first results, something will change forever in our mind (we will know that we can be winners, without tricks)

Let's refuse all the possible shortcuts - All that is really useful and worth doing / studied / pursued have only one characteristic in common, sacrifice; when we possess for example a knowledge that requires real effort to be obtained we will hardly be surpassed / replaced / refused

Let's search and accept the failure as a lesson - The only real loser is the one who is scared to try; if we do not act we cannot learn anything and therefore we cannot improve; the important thing is to do not to repeat the same errors (read Measure ourselves with errors)

Let's learn to plan and act rationally - Let's establish a defined and (proportionally) not-too-long time to plan and then let's act; the perfect moment will never arrive, let's act, without excuses and / or postponing (read How to solve any kind of life problem)

Let's stop wasting our time - We must eliminate (or drastically reduce) all the activities that weaken us and replace them with more productive / useful ones; the first thing to do in the morning is to rapidly plan the times for training, productivity, recovery and leisure of the day (with the relative margin of error); at each execution let's bar the performed activities (this will show us the substance of our results)

Let's start to help others without compensation - This helps us to be better, to understand that we are not the only ones having difficulties and that we can be useful to the others (even this will have a strong impact on our character)

Let's filter toxic people - The time we pass with people that make us weaker must be as much as possible limited; if we have not yet developed the right impermeability to harmful persons (those who do not respect us, exploit us or do nothing but discharge their frustrations on us), we cannot constantly be subdued by their negative influence

Let's face our fears - Let's honestly analyze what scare us and starting from the most simple, let's address them gradually arriving at the most incisive; this will be an incredible experience that will show us that, ultimately, nothing is worth to be feared

Let's never lose concentration - Last and more important, the limit of the effectiveness of all that we have listed is constituted by the danger of losing concentration and giving (more or less voluntarily) to distraction and forgetfulness; concentration on our plan is the key to achieving every goal of our life; let's focus on being focused, like a laser (read Take the right direction)

A note by Master Kongling - It's never too late or too soon to begin to live. This path is valid both for young, both for old people: start today, we will see the constant increase of our possibilities and happiness. You have my word.

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Reply in the comments and share your experience:

What will be the first step in your new life?

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