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Learning the use of weapons


Articolo letto: 94 volte

News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Learning the use of weapons

The starting path to 6 Dragons Kung Fu's weapons

Before starting:

The basic equipment for training in 6DKF - What you need to start training

6DKF's basic equipment: explanation - What is the purpose of each 6DKF's training tool

Dojo (guan): rules, respect and etiquette - The fundamental safety and respect rules to be followed (especially with weapons)


The general path:

At the base of each weapon: the short stick - This is the first weapon to approach with

Learning the use of real weapons - The full path from the training weapons to the real ones


The basic conditioning:

Train wrists and arms with weights to get fluidity - If you do not have solid arms you cannot manage the inertia of a real weapon

Prepare arms, wrists and fingers to use weapons - How to start your conditioning path for the weapons

The "T" weight: an exercise to master weapons - An ancient conditioning method for the arms

The basics of short sticks: 5 basic exercises - A few exercises to initiate your path to the short sticks


Rigid weapons:

The basics of short sticks: safety and grip - How to start to work with the short sticks

The basics of short sticks: base strokes and stance - The first lines of attack and the stance


Flexible weapons:

Stance and basic rotations of the rope - Positions and rotations of the rope

Loop rotations of the rope - The first simple drill for a flexible weapon

Start moving with the rope - Adding space dislocation of the body


The basic technical exercises with the weapons:

Basic tools: the cloth - This is a fundamental part to educate our interactions with the opponents

Basic tools: the pole - To build strength and power we have to learn to hit unmoveable surfaces

Basic tools: the Hanging Speedball - A moving target is fundamental to build the right spatial intelligence

How to do sparring - Once we have gained a certain level of skill we must (safely) test it against a non-collaborative partner


If you want to ask for specific articles or give priority to one that is already scheduled, read Learn Kung Fu online: request a specific article.

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