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6 Dragons Kung Fu review (by Cristian Albertini)


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

6 Dragons Kung Fu review (by Cristian Albertini)

Who is Cristian Albertini?

What do you do in your life?


Why did you decide to approach martial arts?

To improve my psycho-physical condition.

What experiences do you have in martial arts and / or sports?

I have been practicing Karate for 4 years (I am currently a 3 kyu brown belt). Before I practiced a few years of basketball and even before archery.

My opinion on Master Kongling

How long have you known Master Kongling?

5-10 years.

What grade do you give to Master Kongling's discipline?

5 /5

In a nutshell, what did you feel impressed by Master Kongling?

The methodical method of explanation during the lesson and the calm that certainly puts you at ease.

The explanations of Master Kongling are clear / practical / usable / contextualized or smoky / inconclusive?

Clear, practical and usable.

My opinion on 6 Dragons Kung Fu's method

What do you think about 6 Dragons Kung Fu? What differences of approach have you found compared to other martial arts?

6 Dragons Kung Fu addresses 360 the needs of the practitioner, from the striking techniques to trapping, from breakfalls to joint levers, even meditation (for me a novelty).

Are the basic concepts and the things you learned in this course easily available elsewhere?

Some yes, others no and not all concepts connected together. Meditation, for me, it was the first time.

Regarding the completeness, do you think the 6DKF is functional to combat and self-defense?

Of course, at 360 degrees.

My experience with 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Are all the most important aspects treated or are there things that are left out?

The first lesson I attended was a general overview of more or less everything that the 6DKF has to propose. Continuing to practice it means entering into the merits of all the topics covered in that single lesson, then nothing is left out.

Describe the thing that struck you, interested or liked you more in 6DKF:

Definitely the completeness of the topics. The techniques with weapons are also dealt with, which I really liked. One particular thing that struck me was the space dedicated to meditation.

What has given you the participation in this course?

New tools to train and improve my skills.

At the end of the training, I feel:

Tired but ready to fight if necessary and with a calm mind.

My impressions on 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Regarding the 6DKF what impression did you have before and what after?

Before I did not know it and did not know what to expect, if not the "classic" techniques of Kung Fu, which I would have liked anyway. Now I have a decidedly positive and better impression than my initial expectations.

In your opinion, the 6DKF enhances your abilities or forces you in fixed schemes?

For its vastness of arguments, I believe that it does not absolutely force in fixed schemes, indeed.

What obstacle prevented you from practicing Kung Fu?

Time limits available and I did not even know where to practice it.

My overall rating

Based on your experience, would you recommend the 6DKF to your friends? Why?

Yes, for its completeness, because the whole body benefits as well as the mind and refines skills such as concentration, aim, coordination...

In your opinion, can this training combine / enhance the experience of other martial arts?

Yes, even combined with another martial art, it completes the experience.

3 benefits that this course can bring to a practitioner:

Speed, spatial intelligence (read The most important skill in combat), coordination.

Is there anything else you want to say about Master Kongling and / or 6DKF?

It is an intense, well thought out and rewarding workout. I hope I can continue to practice it.

In conclusion, I evaluate my experience with 6DKF:

5 /5

How to send your review

Are you a 6 Dragons Kung Fu's practitioner? - Send your video review at or compile this form (do not forget a photo of you and Master Kongling or of you practicing).

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