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Free kung fu lessons


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Free kung fu lessons

What 6 Dragons Kung Fu offers you

This site is part of a project devoted to the free sharing of martial arts knowledge.

This page is a map to explore what we offer:

A complete and free Kung Fu course - Divided into chapters and with a gradual increase of difficulty (from beginner to expert)

500+ free articles and mini-guides - Divided into categories, extended and updated daily

Free training sessions - Various examples of daily training session divided for type and duration

Free exercises - Body workout, skills development, conditioning, etc.

Free videos - We are starting to share free courses, explanations, presentations, etc.


How to become a practitioner: a precise path

This is the path, the best way to start is to follow these steps:

Kung Fu near me - Before starting you have to follow this brief and free introductive video course about training safety

A complete and free Kung Fu course - The second step is to read our full online and free home study course of 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Free articles and mini-guides - The third step is to read all the contents that we publish (you can see the entire list at the bottom of each page of the website)

If you want to continue the path and go pro:

Basic 6 Dragons Kung Fu Exercises - If you need more details about the basic exercises, this is the video course for you

Basic free hand fighting techniques - If you want to know how to perform all the basic fighting techniques, this is the video course for you

Beginner / Intermediate level video courses - If you want to go a step forward the basic level, these are the courses for you

Advanced / Expert level video courses - If you want to learn how to gain advanced martial skills (not for beginners), these are the courses for you

Exams - If you want to make your abilities professional you can write Master Kongling to check through online exams your level (with certificate-granting)

If you need more than this you can become a donor: continue reading.

How can you sustain the work of Master Kongling?

Master Kongling devoted his entire life to Kung Fu and his efforts are completely funded by donors. If you like this project and if you want it to continue and grow you can say thank you simply:

Becoming an official donor - Go to our Patreon Page, become a monthly supporter (read the new contents before the others and get your special revenues, more info)

Buying the video courses - Go to our Shop, become a practitioner and get your step by step lessons (learn how to gain special abilities and ask your questions)

Making a direct donation - On Paypal (write Master Kongling)

Making a small donation (starting from 1$ / month) you can actively sustain Master Kongling and read some of the website's new contents before the others (normally there are more than 50 premium contents).

If you are too young or you have no money, do not worry, 6DKF is free and it will remain free, you can help us in many other ways:

Writing reviews on social networks - Linking 6DRAGONSKUNGFU.COM from your social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, etc.)

Linking our site from your websites - Adding a direct link to 6DRAGONSKUNGFU.COM (from your blogs, channels, etc.)

Simply sharing with friends our website - Sharing the knowledge of this site (with relatives, friends and colleagues)

Simply liking, following and especially sharing - Our pages, channels, articles, videos and our contents each time we publish them on our socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, etc.)

Subscribing and commenting on our contents - Making questions, adding notes, ideas and especially your personal experiences (at the bottom of each article, subscribe)

Reporting errors - Reporting errors, site problems, incorrect translations and broken links


Remember: our project is free but if you have the possibility to pay, you can do it also on behalf of others who can not afford it (also this is Kung Fu).

Frequently asked questions

What is 6 Dragons Kung Fu? - Read Lesson 1 - What is 6 Dragons Kung Fu?

What does 6 Dragons Kung Fu teach? - Read 6DKF: what does it teach?

Who is Master Kongling? - Read Who is Master Kongling?, Master Kongling: the night is darker before dawn, Master Kongling: confrontations and teaching and Master Kongling: facing the other martial arts

What is the right age to start practicing Kung Fu? - Read The right age to start practice

What is the basic equipment? - Read The basic equipment for training in 6DKF and 6DKF's basic equipment: explanation

Is it possible to learn Kung Fu online? - Read Online learning and martial arts: is it possible?

Can martial arts be used in self-defense? - Read How to use martial arts in a real fight

Is it mandatory to practice sparring? - Read You can call yourself a 6 Dragons Kung Fu's practitioner if...

How can I find a training partner? - Read 5 effective ways to find a training partner

Is it safe to become a supporter of 6 Dragons Kung Fu? - Yes, Patreon is a big and trusted platform of crowdfunding

How can I become a 6 Dragons Kung Fu's instructor? - Write Master Kongling

I have more questions, what can I do? - Write Master Kongling

A note by Master Kongling - To conclude, I want to say that it will only be thanks to your support if I will be able to publish other free contents (video, articles, etc.). I want to do more, to share more free stuff, to work better but I truly need your help.

Thank You.

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