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What you need to train (free video course)


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

What you need to train (free video course)

Kung Fu near me (a free online Kung Fu course)

How to train safely: what you need to train

In this video, we talk about what you need and what you do not need during your daily training sessions (what can motivate yourself, what is dangerous, what is superfluous, what is mandatory and what is simply useful).

Lesson 3

In this lesson, we are going to talk about what you need and what you do not need in your training.

To be prepared for the practice, you need: a bottle of water, a clean towel, the uniform and a notebook (to write, after the lesson, notes

about the lesson, ideas, reflections, dubs, etc.).

You also need medicals at your fingertips: hydrogen peroxide, patches, band-aid (etc.)

When you train alone, you need someone to know (as we said in the last lesson) where you are and what you are doing. If something should happen to you, you must have someone to call in a timely manner.

What you need and what not: watches, jewels, bracelets, rings, earrings, necklaces, piercings (etc.); you have to remove everything during the practice.

When I was when just starting, I remember losing a necklace in a thousand pieces (after a strangle) and it was very very frustrating.

 Now 3 tips on how to prepare your mind before the practice: the first thing is a minute of silence, concentration and meditation (if possible, if you're used to); two, the fact of wearing the uniform is an important "ritual" that helps you to get into the martial mentality (it is not only a cultural or a traditional reference); three, you can eventually use an appropriate music (energetic but not exasperated, pleasant but not misleading, cyclical but not annoying and in 99% of the cases, without words, they distract our concentration).

How to be comfortable in martial practice, for example, if you have long hair, you must absolutely adjust them together to fix them (when you're practicing, if they move, it is not good for you and for your eventual partners).

You have to wear appropriate underwear, even if it should be logical and in particular, about the uniform, it must not limit your movements (you have to perfectly choose your uniform, it must not make you stumble, it has to be your size and especially, it has to be worn in the correct way so you do not feel ridiculous).

What not to do before the practice: it is not good to train during digestion, you have to avoid eating from 1 hour before the lesson, it is very important (these rules should also be applied for alcohol, smoking, drugs and all those substances that can alter your physical and mental state).


The video is provided with manually-created subtitles, in English and in Italian

If you do not see the subtitles, you have to click on the relative icon on the bottom of the video area

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Reply in the comments and share your experience:

Is something missing? Is there anything else important to have or to do?

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