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Lesson 7 - Training safety, face the danger


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Lesson 7 - Training safety, face the danger

Everything starts with the respect

A complete view of Self-defense (in its broadest sense of personal security) cannot ignore the training part: it's for this reason that, in this lesson, we want to list some of the principles that can guarantee the most effective and safe daily 6 Dragons Kung Fu's workout (read How to start practicing 6DKF).

The first thing to know is that 50% of injuries and damages are caused by a lack of respect. One of the most important teachings that Kung Fu can give you is the one related to respect:

In relation to you - Your body, your mind, your training equipment, etc. (read The basic equipment for training in 6DKF)

In relation to your training partners - Other practitioners, instructors, etc. (read 5 effective ways to find a training partner)

In relation to the guan - The area where you train, wherever it is and whatever it contains (read The most suitable places to train)

The risks drastically decrease when we are aware that:

It is foolish to give-up to bad mental attitudes - During training, thing like anger, pride, falsehood, laziness, superficiality and prejudices must not exist (martial training must take place in a context of friendship, mutual help and sharing)

It is petty to abuse other persons' disponibility - The instructor and the companions are in the guan for a specific reason and this does not include being victims of jokes, waste of time, hazing (etc.)

It is silly to violate the rules of behavior - They must be strictly followed to guarantee a safe, positive and effective learning (read Dojo (guan): rules, respect and etiquette)

It is extremely dangerous to refuse graduality and patience - You have to focus on the path and not on the results; to anticipate or to force the times (because you feel fit or bored) it is always a bad idea; there are moments to insist and other to give-up (read Safe training: the 3 errors rule), in both cases it must be a logical choice and never a simple desire

It is an error to introduce what belongs to everyday life within the sacredness of the guan - Whether it be objects (ornaments, necklaces, etc.), or mental attitudes (frustration, vanity, etc.), they must not enter

It is wrong to underestimate the practice - In Kung Fu, every exercise, common, (apparently) simple and / or (apparently) repetitive must be performed with the maximum concentration and with the idea of improving each time

It is counterproductive to do not face any risk - Errors, faults and difficulties are at the base of our training and learning method, if you avoid them you will rapidly block your martial growth (read Measure ourselves with errors)

A note by Master Kongling - Probably I could appear strict in this lesson but safety absolutely comes before everything. To learn more about training safety you can read again Lesson 3.1, the article How to train safely and follow our free video course: How to start training [ Free video course ].

Learn to face the danger instead of refusing it

As we said, if 50% of risks are our responsibility, the remaining 50% are simply natural (outside human control) and must be accepted (read Acceptance and prevention of pain).

Until you will not accept that you cannot control what happens outside your mind (read Fighting and mind control: the anchors), you will live in a fake world and this means (even after 30 years of practice):

No real training - Conditioning means teaching our body to address its limits (read Physical conditioning: how it works)

No real knowledge - You do not truly master what you study

No real skills acquisition - In a real self-defense situation you will fail

No mental growth - You do not learn anything about you and your limits

Bigger risks - A workout inside a "crystal ball" weakens you instead of strengthening


Each enemy, each problem, each limit remains inviolable if we never try to learn how to manage it. 6 Dragons Kung Fu teaches to face the unknown with preparation, discipline and concentration.

A few examples:

If a person loses balance and falls risks to badly hurt his body, if a 6DKF's practitioner falls, he instinctively knows how to distribute his limbs to limit as much as possible the damage (and in most cases reducing it to zero, read Lesson 7.5)

If a young 6DKF's practitioner fears the darkness, his instructor explains him the phenomenon, the logical path, how to deal with it, how to transform it in a normal thing; the result is that he will become (gradually) able to move in low light conditions as in the sunlight (read Advanced training: gradually learn to fight in the dark and Night vision)

If a 20 years boy is attacked by a stranger, he reacts randomly, as his instinct tells him (panic, extreme violence, etc.); a 6DKF's practitioner instead knows the level of mental stress, how to evaluate the situation, how to decrease the tension and eventually, how to fight (read all the lessons of this chapter)


A note by Master Kongling - This is nothing of incredible, with all of its limits, this is the rational way we face martial challenges and life problems (read How to solve any kind of life problem). The danger must not be avoided, it must be faced but with intelligence.

In-depth articles

A relentless pursuit - Find an objective and reach it

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