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Basic warm-up


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Basic warm-up

Warm-up: how to heat our body for training

Without any pretense of completeness, in this article, we want to share a basic full body soft warm/up session ideal for 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

Important premises:

This kind of practices are good for beginner / intermediate level practitioners before starting a normal workout (before a small stretching, read How to correctly perform stretching and Basic soft stretching)

For advanced / expert level practitioners and / or athletes we will see something more intense in future articles

Every kind of warm-up exercise involves more than a single muscle / muscular groups (the subdivisions in this guide are purely organizational)

To know how to properly perform the exercises we are going to describe refer to the article How to correctly perform warm-up (safety, times, common errors, effectiveness, etc.)

Depending on what we are going to do let's give more importance to the muscle groups specifically involved in the activity we want to perform after

If we have already passed the body awakening phase of 6DKF (read [restrict]The basics of 6 Dragons Kung Fu[/restrict]) we can do these exercises

Legs (hips, etc.) exercises

Running - With various variations but without exaggerating with intensity (2-4 minutes, read 5 running exercises ideal for beginners / warm-up)

Small jumps - With various variations but without exaggerating with intensity (2-4 minutes, read 5 jumping exercises ideal for beginners / warm-up)

Small lower kicks - We can perform various kind of kicks but never reaching our tension limit (10-25 for each, read How to kick (simple explanation))

Arms (shoulders, etc.) exercises

Abdominal pressure - From standing, let's rapidly hit with our tight fingers our abdominals (100-200 times, covering the entire muscular surface);  let's hit from a good distance, involving as much as possible our entire arms; the more we are able to resist and to hit strong them more this exercise becomes a conditioning method (let's be gradual, pain should be avoided, read Physical conditioning: how it works)

Vibrations - The 6 Dragons Kung Fu's vibration practice is a training method created for speed development (read Speed: the vibration's exercise); in its most complete version it should not be performed as a warm-up but lowering the intensity it is possible (25-50 vibrations)

Sequences of punches (without target) - We can throw free or defined sequences of punches (even running) but never with full power or elongation (10-25 for each, read How to punch (simple explanation))

Arms rotations - From a standing position we have to simply rotate our straight arms backward and frontally (20-50 rotations, with all the possible variations, more about this later)

Hands (fingers, etc.) exercises

Wrist shaking - We have simply to shake with a gradually increasing speed our wrists, closing each time the fingers to simulate a rapid grab motion (25-50 times)

Finger opening - We basically have to rapidly open and close our fists (25-50 times, read [restrict]The fist, your first attack technique[/restrict])

Final notes

It is fundamental to stress that:

As 6DKF teaches, most of the exercises can be performed in combination with others, this way we do not waste our precious training time (read Optimizing the available time)

These warm-up exercises do not include particular elongations, stretching is the subsequent step of a well-planned training session (read [restrict]How to organize your training[/restrict])

This is not a warm-up nor a stretching for 6 Dragons Kung Fu's advanced practitioners but can be performed as a variant of more intense practices

There are a lot of other exercises complementary and alternatives to these ones (with future tutorials we will be more specific)

With these exercises, we do not directly gain specific skills but they are fundamental to obtain them

Not always is necessary to perform all of this exercises, warm-up intensity and duration should always be calibrated in relation to the duration and level of training sessions

In-depth articles

5 push-up exercises ideal for beginners / warm-up - Easy exercises good to start training

The fundamental concepts of the fallings - Breakfalls can be a useful part of a warm-up


Reply in the comments and share your experience:

How do you feel after warm-up?

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