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Introduction to the idea of Precision Control


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Introduction to the idea of Precision Control

Power and speed are not enough

Contrary to popular belief, power and speed, alone, have nothing to do with prevailing in a martial clash.

Any man (or woman), in normal health and physical conditions, has already enough power and speed to potentially predominate on any adversary; as a matter of principle, everything else we add to this is ?just? a compensation to our martial weaknesses.

We are not saying that speed and power are useless, we want to say that what really makes the difference is the ?precision?, in terms of:

Control of the body, senses and mind

Timing to act / react rationally (or semi-rationally)

Spatial intelligence (read The most important skill in combat)

Technique application and adaptation

It?s always positive to strengthen our body and make it faster (read Physical conditioning: how it works) but if we really want to learn to fight we need to focus mainly on these 4 elements.

What is Precision Control?

Although (as we have already said) the development of power and speed are favorable and inevitable consequences of a good martial workout:

Why obtain the entire force of the world if we cannot express it during a stressful situation (read Best martial arts for self-defense)?

Why gain the maximum speed if our mind is unable to coordinate it in terms of fighting interactions (read 6DKF?s interactions: from the strong blow to the light touch)?

Why become able to punch / kick with a devastating power if we are not able to reach any target?

Why have light-speed reflexes if this leads us to have irrational or even incorrect reactions?

Why train to have high-performing muscles if our opponent is able to use their own strength against us?


Speed and power are the seasonings and serve only to exalt the taste of food, alone, they are nothing. We need something that connects everything rationally and in 6 Dragons Kung Fu, we call this concept ?Precision Control?.

Precision Control is very hard to describe (and to understand):

It is the general harmony of our skills, it can be seen as their coordinator

It is the connection between technique, mind, body and everything else in the fighting scenario (opponents, obstacles, weapons, etc.)

It is the way we adapt / adjust our body and our mind in reaction to specific stimuli

It is the result of the overlapping between what we have learned to do and what we want to do


As for the other advanced abilities of 6DKF (read for example Advanced concepts: the Persistent Movements), this skill cannot be acquired directly, it is the result of:

A constant, intense and rational training

Study and life experience, theory and practice

Preparation, discipline and concentration

In the next articles of this series, we will try to make this complex concept more clear.

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