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Lesson 6: breathing exercise


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Lesson 6: breathing exercise

Focus on breathing

Working with constancy and dedication on the practices described in Lesson 4.5 you will slowly develop an unconscious attention to breathing:

That kind of focusing is necessary to build the instinct that will allow you to use the most appropriate breathing in every situation

An autonomous mechanism that, in most cases, will activate without even having to think about it

After a few weeks of (uninterrupted) practice, the conditioning of the respiratory system should be started, so it is possible to switch to the first and simplest breathing techniques.

Important ? Do not skip the previous steps or your entire preparation will lose all its substance.

What is the purpose of breathing techniques

Let?s start with a premise: it is not true that we always breathe in the same way. Try to take notice of it (read Correct breathing), our inhalations and exhalations change depending on:

The age we have reached ? For example, small children breathe with their abdomen, older people with the upper chests

The state of mind ? For example, if you have fear you tend to breathe more quickly and in a less deep way, if instead, you are bored you do it slowly

The health status ? For example, if something occludes our respiratory tract (eg. mucus) or if we are overweight we will tend to breathe with our mouth

The current situation ? For example, after an intense training the breath can be heavy and throttled, during sleep it is constant and regular


Through extensive training 6 Dragons Kung Fu?s the breathing techniques can help us to:

Manage in the best way each of these variables conditions (independent by our conscious will)

Gain high-level skills related to body control (read Advanced body control)

As it happens for fighting techniques, it is not enough to know the theory and try to put it into practice 1-2 times. In order to achieve these goals, constant discipline, preparation and concentration are forcibly required.

The first breathing techniques and tricks

As we have seen in Lesson 4.3 we have a lot of different kinds of breathing, let?s see some of them with a brief explanation of their practical application:

The 6DKF?s combat breathing ? Although we have not yet mentioned anything about combat (self-defense, sparring, fighting techniques, etc.), it is important to begin to outline how a 6DKF?s practitioner breathes during a fight

Invisibility: how to hide heavy breathing ? A simple trick to hide heavy breathing to do not reveal our presence / position (this is a small Stealth technique)

Breathing for immediate relaxation ? A possible solution to recover relaxation even in conditions of high stress (with the proper training even the one that you normally cannot manage)

How to free stuffy nose ? This is the Buteyko method, an easy way to rid the nose from the mucus and immediately return to breathe regularly (very useful during workout)

For now we see only these techniques, it is more than enough; later on (always in this course) we will analyze more advanced breathing methods (related to the cycles of Qi, the Fa Sheng, etc.).

In the next chapter, we will start to see fighting techniques!

In-depth articles

A breathing exercise to develop the 6DKF?s muscle chain ? An advanced exercise to help to build the 6 Dragons Kung Fu?s muscle chain (not for beginners).

Control of emotions: the exercise of the switch ? An advanced method to gain control of our emotional changes voluntarily (with a breathing exercise included).

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