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Lesson 4: getting the most out of training


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Lesson 4: getting the most out of training

Lesson 4 - Getting the most out of your training

The secrets of a profitable training

If you have read all the lessons up to here you have demonstrated a real interest in 6 Dragons Kung Fu and I thank you; in this lesson, I will indicate you the way to train and become a real warrior.

Let's start from some premises:

Martial arts experience is measured in real hours of practice and not in years

The time you dedicate to training is precious and should not be wasted; if you really decide to study Kung Fu you have to do it seriously otherwise it will be completely useless (you risk becoming weaker than a non-practitioner)

Kung Fu is not a thing that can be learned in a limited time, it is an incessant challenge of improvement

If you agree with these statements, we can continue, in other way I ask you (a second time) to reflect carefully on your choice.

How to achieve the best results that your mind / body can express

To get best results you need:

To always give the maximum - Always aim to improve the previous performance (punch after punch, kick after kick, read Achieve maximum performance)

To never be satisfied - There is always something to do better / harder / faster / etc.; the more you study, the more you understand how far perfection is

To have specific goals - Training is always training but if every day / week / month / year you choose an objective everything will be exponentially more proficient

To protect yourself - Avoid anything that harms you physically and emotionally and privileges what makes you a better person and makes your body healthier

To never lose concentration - You cannot train effectively if you're thinking of something else (problems, distractions, etc.), during training your mind must be focused and empty (read Meditation method 1)

To "train" even when you are not training - You can always do Kung Fu, everywhere (with the car keys, against a light pole, running instead of walking, etc.); it's a way of doing things at the highest possible level (read The constant training in everyday life)

To never stop - Every day your life will ask you (in the most disparate ways and through endless temptations / constraint) to interrupt or postpone workout, you have to resist (read How to train with perseverance)

Technical tips on daily training

From a more technical / specific point of view, to achieve the higthest level of 6 Dragons Kung Fu you have to:

Know the must-have of a fighter - You have to understand what is important to master to be truly prepared for real combat situations (read Physical performance in martial arts)

Practice the "constant change" - In every session you have to modify / adapt what you are doing to different environments but always maintaining the foundation (read Same exercises, different execution and Training: examples of constant changes)

To measure the performance - You can not improve what you do not measure (read Measure, analyze and eliminate defects and Analysis and improvement of performance)

To follow a balanced training - If you obtain an ability you have to choose, you can increase its level or only to maintain it, in each case, to do this, you have to optimize its frequency of practice

Respect your body - Rest / drink / eat properly and avoid drugs, otherwise, even if you are a good practitioner, you will never reach the peak of what you can express (read Lesson 3.1)

Even if to the observer Kung Fu may appear as an infinite repetition of the same gestures, to the wise practitioner every single execution, every single movement is a moment of learning an opportunity to do a step forward (read How to acquire special abilities).

In the next lesson (the last of this chapter) we will see a little bit more deeply the exercises to perform in this phase of training.

In-depth articles

How to train to master the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Style - How to develop as many body elements as possible but without invalidate anyone.

The best way to study technique: 10 tips  - A step by step path on how to learn any kind of technique.

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