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Lesson 2: organize training


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Lesson 2: organize training

Training on an annual, monthly, weekly and daily basis

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu has a well-defined training method, designed to build real skills (read How to acquire special abilities) for those who have real determination. Time management is one of the keys to achieve constantly growing performance and to avoid their deterioration.

In this phase, the general subdivision of training hours is as follows:

The fundamental technical exercises (described in Lesson 2.3) must be performed every 1-3 days

The fundamental physical exercises (described in Lesson 2.3) must be performed every 3-4 days

The secondary technical exercises must be performed every 4-5 days

The secondary physical exercises must be performed every 5-7 days

The psychological exercises must be performed (at least) every 5-6 days

The core techniques must be performed (at least) every 2-3 days

The special exercises (eg. simulations, etc.) can be performed 1-4 times per year

The integrative exercises must be performed during daily life, in each moment at disposal

A rest day must be inserted every 5-7 days (without it we do not have the increase of performance)

This is your discipline, to obtain real results you have to integrate it as a part of your life routine (read Having discipline: do not contradict ourselves).

The exercises to practice and their subdivision

Established a reasonable time of daily training (which can be staggered in 2, maximum 3 parts, more about this in the next lesson), we have to dedicate:

5-10% of warm-up / stretching exercises

20-30% of conditioning / resistance exercises

10-20% of cardio exercises

10-20% of techniques learning

5-15% of sparring exercises

5-10% of flexibility exercises

5-10% of recovering exercises

These percentages are only indicative (with time and experience everything must be recalibrated with your defects / endurance / specific goals):

It is important to say that a lot of exercises cover more than one of these parameters at the same time

Even if a lot of 6 Dragons Kung Fu exercises are already online, if you are a beginner, it is better if you follow the rhythm of this course and concentrate on the fundamental ones (read Lesson 3.2)

About the technical part we will talk about it in the following chapters (first you need to basically prepare your body)

A step by step guide to your daily Kung Fu training

Now let?s see a training session from the beginning to the end:

First of all, wear your training uniform (it?s a way to mentally prepare yourself)

Find the right music (especially for beginners a good playlist can be a ?bridge? to start building determination, read Lesson 2.2)

Place the speakers in a safe position and adjusts the volume to suit the environment (acoustics, respect for the others, etc.)

Never use headphones, they damage our perception of the environment (the isolation they create is only useful in some exercises that we will see in future)

Take a paper, a countdown timer and a pen (or better a smart device)

Decide the amount of time to dedicate (it must be the same every day, and it must be time of pure training, pauses and losing time must be excluded)

If you have decided to train less than 1 hour most of the exercises must be 5 minutes long otherwise 10 minutes long

Create a bulleted list and write your workout plan (1 row for each exercise)

Take all the tools / materials necessary / useful for the practice

Set the countdown to the number of minutes of the first exercise and start your playlist

Execute the exercise and stop only after the alarm of the timer (no pauses, you can only drink water)

Terminated the exercise draw an oblique line on the exercise performed (or check the list item on your smart device, do it only when the task is completed)

Write (rapidly) near the description of the exercise statistics / ideas / problems / etc. about the exercise performed (only 2-5 words, read Measure, analyze and eliminate defects)

Do not lose a second (read Intensity of training: depends on what?) and set the countdown to the number of minutes of the second exercise (and so on)

When you have finished dry yourself with a towel, this is not allowed during practice (you need to get used to sweating and to manage it without being distracted)

If possible change your clothes and do some regeneration exercise (self-massage, soft stretching, Yoga relaxation, etc.)

Discuss (respectfully) with your partners and / or write the impressions about the session (after it will be too late, read Analysis and improvement of performance)

Have a shower (after 20-30 minutes after the end of the activity)

Do not throw away the training sheet, keep it jealously, it is a building block of the three main focal points of the 6 Dragons Kung Fu:




Whenever you see the stack of your training sheets, you will remember the path you have made, the sacrifices and the relative satisfaction.

In the next lesson, we will see how to insert (in the most painless way possible) within our day a serious, constant and expandable training.

In-depth articles

Training sessions samples ? A list of specific training sessions of 6 Dragons Kung Fu (individual workouts, for advanced, for experts, for beginners, in small spaces, etc.).

How to train in 6DKF: basic exercises ? A small guide (not for totally beginner) to start the practice of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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