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Recognize good / bad master: 5 characteristics


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Recognize good / bad master: 5 characteristics

In this article we are going to compare 5 attitudes of a good instructor with 5 of a bad one; the idea is to be able to recognize immediately poor teachers.

Humble or arrogant?

The good master:

He has self-esteem

He does not hide his limits

He never claims to be an expert

The bad master:

He directly / indirectly exalts himself (because he is unsure of his skills)

He directly / indirectly exalts his martial art comparing it (inadequately) to the others

Respectful or disrespectful?

The good master:

He respects his long-term master(s)

He respects his students and their paths

He encourages who has difficulties

The bad master:

He talks badly about his long-term master(s)

If not done with him, he totally refuses the path of his students

He subdues / humiliates his students

Great or miserable?

The good master:

He knows how to be heard

He is also able to listen to his students

His objective is to make them better than him

The bad master:

He transforms each lesson in a personal exhibition

His first objective is to keep his students inferior to him

Active or inactive?

The good master:

He has a wide cultural baggage

He always tries to improve and never feels arrived

He lives for martial arts

The bad master:

He knows only a few things and poorly

He lives in (his) past and he is not able to keep abreast

He lives for money (trying to take as much as possible before we will understand its limits)

Practical or theoretical?

The good master:

He is open and concrete

He does not hide anything

He shows true abilities in realistic contexts

The bad master:

He is obscure, generic

He does not explain / demonstrate anything

He uses tricks and legends to illude his students

As we have already said there is something we can learn from anyone but let?s always try to maintain some distance from bad people; about this argument you can read:

The characteristics of a true master

When a belt becomes a blindfold

Here you can download the infographic file of this discussion:

PDF format

PNG format

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