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Lesson 3: first training session


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Lesson 3: first training session

How a 6DKF?s training session is structured

Generally, a 6 Dragons Kung Fu training session is divided into 5 parts:

Warm up (effort preparation for muscles, tendons, etc.)

Basic training (middle-level intensity)

Explosive training (high-level intensity)

Endurance training (middle-level intensity)

Cooldown (low-level intensity)

Each of these parts is divided into exercises, their duration is:

1-5 minutes (for the novices)

10-30 minutes (for the normal practitioners)

10-360 minutes (for the advanced practitioners)

Each day of practice must be:

Varied and exciting (especially for the beginners)

Completely balanced in terms of maintenance and development of real martial skills (read Same exercises, different execution)

Calibrated on our psychophysical abilities (in the present moment)

Able to increase our capabilities without exhausting us (read Intensity of training: depends on what?)

Remember: without training, there is no Kung Fu.

The basic exercises of 6 Dragons Kung Fu

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu counts thousand of exercises but these are the most important categories:

Basic physical exercises (read How to train in 6DKF: basic exercises)

Fundamental specific exercises (read How to train in 6DKF: specific exercises)

Do not worry, we will see each of them in depth, the training you are going to start is very simple.

Are you ready to start?

For this sample training you simply need:

A timer with an alarm countdown to check the duration (typically included in every smart device)

The starting equipment (described in Lesson 1 (Chapter 1) ? My first Kung Fu training)

No partners, only a plastic bag (like those in the supermarket)

Today we skip all the normal formalities, such as greeting, writing the training sheet, balancing the exercises (etc.).

A first sample session: an exercise to discover yourself

As we have already mentioned (read Lesson 4 ? Why choose to practice Kung Fu?), the inverted learning method of 6 Dragons Kung Fu needs, before anything else, to make the practitioner?s body and mind express. This way we start with an exercise without too many explanations (for now).

This is your first simple training session:

Do some stretching (read Basic soft stretching)

Take the plastic bag

Launch it in the air (not too far, not too close)

Hit it while it is in the air

You can use hands and arms as you want

You cannot grab the plastic bag

Imagine the plastic bag as an opponent and hit it before it falls

The goal is not to maintain the plastic bag in the air but to hit properly

Try to make it difficult for you to hit the plastic bag (move, crouch down, etc.)

This is a basic version of the Fabric Cloth exercise (read Basic tools: the cloth), you can practice it this for 5-15 minutes but if you do not feel tired you can go on without interruption.

With the fabric cloth I remember that, after the first frustrations, time flowed rapidly without realizing it. The most interesting thing about this workout is that it automatically adjusts itself to your skill level.

In-depth articles

How to start practicing 6DKF ? The right path for a novice to learn 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

How to train to master the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Style ? The best way to obtain the best results from 6DKF?s training.

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