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Lesson1: 6 Dragons Kung Fu


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Lesson1: 6 Dragons Kung Fu


Be master of yourself through preparation, discipline and concentration

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu (shortened 6DKF) is at the same time:

- A training system (for sport, wellness and especially self-defense, read The true heart of 6DKF)

- A set of new / ancient combat techniques (grappling, striking, footwork, weapons, etc.), for more specific information read 6DKF: what does it teach?

- A lifestyle (made up of discipline, preparation and concentration, read The 6 Dragons Kung Fu?s way)

- A starting point for creating a personal fighting style (read A 6DKF for each one)

- What you are about to begin is a project of life, peace and in-depth study of the physical / mental applications of the human being.

Our primary objectives.

Starting from the most ancient tradition, the 6 Dragons Kung Fu aims at excellence through a completely new method (read The difference between 6DKF and other martial arts).

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu aims to forge a real warrior (readThe fighter and the warrior), in doing this it focuses on:

- The development of personal psychophysical skills (each of us has different qualities and defects)

- The internalization of the techniques and tactics of struggle, from the simplest to the most complex

- The ability to prevent critical situations and to apply the theory in real / practical and stress contexts

- The acquisition of physical / mental awareness and self-control (through meditation, management of bodily functions, etc.)

- The acquisition of skills related to communication through the various senses (deception, invisibility, etc.)

- The gradual elimination of psychophysical weakness (fear, insecurity, irrationality, fatigue, etc.)

- The construction of a strong, peaceful, helpful, positive and rational personality

- The gradual development of real martial skills (some of which take years to be acquired)

The 6DKF?s method.

Our method is based on:

- Optimization of training times (read Optimizing the available time)

- Performance measurement to improve every day (read Measure, analyze and eliminate defects)

- Experimentation which, through errors, leads to the construction of real experience (read Measure ourselves with errors)

- A 360° view of the martial arts world (see the video Do not look at martial arts)

What 6DKF is not.

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu:

- It has solid scientific foundations supported by real applicability (it does not teach esotericism, fantasies, superstitions, paranormal, mischief, etc.)

- Despite its aesthetics, it is not a choreography of movements, nor a search for acrobatics / juggling as an end in itself

- It is not a single martial art (starting from kung fu point of view our style includes its techniques, the style of the practitioner and the most effective parts of several others)

In-depth articles.

- The 6 dragons of 6DKF ? A poetic and imaginative exemplification of what makes up the 6 Dragons Kung Fu

- The 6 dragons of 6DKF (video) ? An epic video about the 6 dragons of 6 Dragons Kung Fu

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