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Full free online guide: 6 Dragons Kung Fu


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Full free online guide: 6 Dragons Kung Fu

I am pleased to announce 2 very important facts that are going to radically change my martial life:

- I decided to abandon my work and dedicate all my efforts and my time to martial arts

- I decided to create and share a complete / free guide for the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Style

Over the years I have been able to listen to the needs of a lot of practitioners of all ages / provenience and came to the conclusion that what I am doing is not enough.

Along with some experienced partners I decided to prepare the first complete, online and free guide to the 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

A life project.

We are structuring all the steps necessary to transform, through a serious and scientific didactic, a total beginner in an expert in our style.

The guide we will shortly start publishing:

- Will be subdivided into gradual lessons and modules, from 0 to 100

- Will allow both novices and experienced practitioners to discover / increase their abilities

- Will include training (exercises, conditioning, sparring, forms, training tools, etc.)

- Will include basic techniques (kicks, punches, projections, ground fight, etc.)

- Will include advanced techniques (countermoves, Chin Na, tactics, fake, etc.)

- Will include core concepts (Dragon Motion, contacts with the opponent, muscle chain, etc.)

- Will include meditation (self-control, breathing, Qi, health, etc.)

- Will include weapons (flexible, rigid, proper, improper, etc.)

- Will include deception (invisibility, psychological tricks, etc.)

- Will include personal defense (simulations, stress management, disarms, etc.)

- Will cover all the issues we have just mentioned so far and many more

- ...

We are working day and night, we are ready to start in a few days.

From now on, my activity will be completely dedicated to martial arts and will only be funded by those who will be able to, from whom, freely, will want to support me (even with 1 euro) in this titanic challenge:

Thanks to all the people who made possible the birth and development of our 6 Dragons Kung Fu: masters, amateurs, practitioners, instructors, training companions and simple fans.

Thank you, Master Kongling.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this project, please contact me:

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