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Master Kongling: facing the other martial arts


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Master Kongling: facing the other martial arts

My master pushed me to further expand my horizons by inviting me to actively follow more and more courses of other martial arts.

He was very focused on the fact that I must not stop widening my views, he wanted the 6DKF to include the best of the other martial arts, and at the same time he wanted it to know their setting and weaknesses:

I started actively various courses: Jujutsu (traditional and modern), personal defense, armed combat (Eskrima, Kali and Silat), combat training (functional training, etc.), Capoeira, Wing Chun, Aikido, basics of Boxing, Kudo, Meihuachuan (and so on).

Each day I had more and more training hours in different styles / disciplines and they were full courses, not stages / seminars.

In addition to martial arts, I found time to follow Yoga classes, put together previous NLP knowledge, deepen the Qi Gong study, and start the early rudiments of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

You can not know everything.

In spite of the wide amount of dedication time I knew with certainty that I would never become an expert in these individual sectors, it was not my goal, what I was looking for was a confrontation with people, ways of doing and always different points of view.

The idea was to enrich as much as possible the 6DKF (both through positive aspects to be captured, and through the negative ones to be discarded).

After the first period of information overload (contradictions, different thinking methods, etc.), I sought (without any pretense) to find a "synthesis" of what was similar and a "separated application" for what was incompatible.

This practical learning experience had a lot of unexpected consequences, some positives, and other negatives:

- On the one hand, I have been able to collaborate with extraordinary people (both in terms of training companions and in terms of instructors)

- On the other hand, unfortunately, I have come into contact with the rotten, bureaucratic, commercial, limited, amateurish, belligerent, dispersive and castrating side that pollutes a big part of today's martial view (previously unknown to me)

Prolonging my studies (with great regret and disappointment) I began to suffer some of the typical limitations of the "classical" martial arts gyms:

- Where profit (though thin) overcomes the idea of martial art

- Where respect for individuality disappear in favor to mediatic exploitation (as in an assembly chain)

- Where self-exaltation replaces teaching

- Where envy takes the place of encouragement / esteem

In addition to these minor problems there were added some other more substantial:

- Workouts were often lazy and full of dead moments (effectiveness, speed, power and spatial intelligence were often excluded from the lessons), I had to integrate with additional individual morning workouts to compensate for the lack of dynamism

- The techniques were explained in a too linear, didactic, amateur, ineffective way, nothing was brought to the idea of excellence

- In-depth questions were often avoided, whether for limited expertise, whether to do not go too fast (to the detriment of earning)

- Learning and intensity was each time leveled on the base of the appearance of new temporary students instead of dividing the classes into skill levels

The situation was degenerating and the frustration caused by certain personalities with a closed and restricted vision had reached the breaking limit.

This way I came back to ask my master's advice, one of the few people who helped me with honesty and transparency to trace my path (continue...).

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