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Master Kongling: confrontations and teaching


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Master Kongling: confrontations and teaching

The little difference in age was one of the factors that helped to build a great friendship with my teacher, made of mutual respect and profound sharing of experiences.

After only six months of preparation, he introduced me to other masters to learn different points of view and to face (through private encounters) their students.

It was in that cradle of chinese arts (and not only) that I turned my martial personality:

- I learned, not without great difficulty, to fortify my mind with meditation

- I started to mature the idea (shared with my master) to put together new methods / ideas / techniques

From then on I knew I had opened the doors of a field where mind and body would never find boundaries. Every new day there was something to be learned / perfected / tested, every day my view was broadening:

- To be not only a passive receiver, I studied intensely and passionately the theory behind the japanese Ninjutsu and the russian Systema

- Soon I arrived at 5-6 hours of daily practice and 2-4 hours of theoretical study (some of them at the same time with the workout)

The effort, though coupled with other activities (work, social, sentimental, etc.), did not weigh at all, indeed, this constant evolution and socratic consciousness of my ignorance and inability was (and is) an infinite source of satisfaction.

I was no longer worried about the idea of having to train me steadily (as it was at Jeet Kune Do's time) but from the not being able to train me enough.

At each confrontation, at each workout, I wrote tons of ideas, techniques, reflections, questions, debates, comparisons (etc.) on martial arts:

- I was looking for a harmonious mix between past and present, desire to innovate and respect for tradition

- It's here that started outlining the technical and methodological bases of the 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Reading my notes, my teacher realized that the ideas derived from these experiences were of value but were confused, sketched, not systematic.

So I began to put my doubts into consideration of his experience and the result that came out was something that made us so excited that we wanted to share it with everyone.

Thus began the (ongoing) phase of consolidation, teaching and diffusion:

- The first sporadic students arrived (kids, friends, curious, "opponents", etc.)

- I started to publish free articles on the internet (through social networks, opening the official website, etc.)

The impact with the teaching gave a real turn to the 6DKF: at the same time, I had to deal with experts of other styles and total novices, each with different needs and potentials to maximize.

My goal was (and it is) to give them the same learning opportunity my master had given me. In a short time, there was a tune-up and almost familial relationship with:

- The practitioners who followed the 6DKF online

- The ones with physical presence

I was (and I am) always thinking about methods to offer them the best... filtering, learning, searching, adapting, experimenting, etc. (continue...).

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