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Master Kongling: the night is darker before dawn


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Master Kongling: the night is darker before dawn

Although it never really happened, I was afraid of losing control of my actions and of hurting the people beside me. In this void, in this darkness:

- My life got in a bad direction, I let myself go both physically and psychologically (I quickly got to weigh 112kg and was growing further)

- Everything was confused, everything was losing sense all the perspectives seemed to evaporate like snow in the sun

To this negative spiral followed a meeting that radically changed my life, I came across the man who I am proud and honored to be able to recognize as my first true Master.

Through a few friends I met a this chinese boy and from the first approach he demostrated me martial skills outside of the norm (far above what I had ever directly seen in the whole arc of my life); for him it was enough a single, simple, painless kick on my knee to let me falling down.

I was completely out of shape but I had practiced martial arts for years, how could it be that I had no idea on how he could, with such simplicity, put me down? I was shocked.

So, jokingly, he wondered if I wanted kung fu lessons. I refused. A little for fear and a bit for the wounded pride. However, after this event, the interest about martial arts was re-ignited in me:

- I looked at him and realized I was not what I wanted, I reflected for a long and finally I've decided to resume training (with great effort, my body was broken, I was practically not even able to run or jump)

- I started to connect the theoretical study of martial arts to the practical training, I began to consciously redesign every aspect of my body, my mind, and their interactions

Time passed and then I realized that I could reply to his challenge with another one: I've asked him to open my mind to the kung fu.

I had the opportunity to see him again and he, surprised, agreed to give me the first lessons, almost as a game. He taught me with the practice that kung fu really means "hard work", he did not teached me the bases but he directly started to form my body to kung fu and, at the same time, (his view of) kung fu to my body:

- With long and intense training sessions I lost almost 20kg, he taught me that nothing was impossible

- He taught me that the true essence of kung fu is not in form or style, but it lies in the heart, in the mind and is the expression of our being


- I know, this part of my story seems the one from the film "Birth of the dragon" but probably each person that has started the study of Jeet Kune Do with a good master had a similar one)

- In the photo, the passage of a punch of my Master on my left hand (an abrasion due to his conditioned knuckles); during summer the scars are still visible today


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