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Personal defense: parry the first attack


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Personal defense: parry the first attack

When we are at close distance and we are in the middle of a quarrel that is likely to degenerate into a clash, managing our safety becomes very difficult (especially if we are not skilled fighters).

We must at the same time:

- Avoid being the first to attack (both for ethical and legal reasons)

- Avoid that who is in front of us feels obliged to attack

- Avoid, on the other side, to appear frightened

- Prepare defense and counterattack without appearing aggressive

Unfortunately, since we are not the ones trying to attack, we must forcibly wait for the start of the offensive action. This kind of "courtesy" involves the high risk to suffer (at least) an attack:

- In the fortuitous hypothesis a chest thrust

- Less fortuitously a punch at the face (direct, hook, etc.)

- Less likely a kick, a kneeing or a projection

- In the worst case a combined series of blows (typical of an expert)

- ...

It is clear that not knowing who we are dealing with, only our experience can suggest us what is going to happen, however, generally, what we really need to evitate is a neck / head or genital blow.

While protecting the genitals is "enough" to assume an anonymous 3/4 coverage position (we will discuss this in future), the discourse changes as far as the head protection is concerned; we can not raise (threateningly) the guard and we will hardly be fast enough to activate it at the last instant (especially if the aggressor is not a novice that, for example, loads a hook starting from far away).

What we can do is to activate one of the "secret guards" of 6DKF (to which we have already mentioned in part):

- Hands on the nose / cheeks / mouth / forehead (in a natural way)

- Hands behind our head (ready to rotate, cover, etc.)

- Hands under the armpits (already described in the article: "A little trick: the secret guard of the 6DKF")

- Discursive hands (pacific, open and mobile in front of our mouth)

- ...

This way we will have an "innocent" but active / effective guard and we will not look aggressive. As for the other possible attacks, unless someone who faces us is an experienced martial artist, we can almost certainly resist and react later (or in real time).

Finally, in the 6DKF, in terms of personal defense, we also aim to recognize quickly (through some clues) the probable type of opponent we face; in the next articles we will look at how to evaluate dangerousity, general training and level of preparation of the aggressors facing us.

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