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Always be ready to fight: the body


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Always be ready to fight: the body

After dealing with the psychological aspect of mental preparation to combat, we move on to the physical aspect; Even though we often do not realize our body has a different physical form / reactivity:

- Every hour of the day (late night, early morning, etc.)

- Depending on the physical activity we have performed (heavy work, training, etc.)

- Depending on our mental state (which we have already talked about)

- Depending on our state of health (from simple colds, to aching limbs, etc.)

- ...

From a bodily point of view the best way to always be in a functional physical state of struggle is once again prepare ourselves in advance:

- Do stretching (not power stretching) and a bit of cardio every morning just waking up; this (in part) allows us to be flexible, powerful, fast and mentally positive even without having time to make proper preparation for the fight (eg during a sudden attack)

- Determine what our basic stretching is; knowing our body is the key to get the best results, we need to figure out on wich part we are most at risk of injury and rapidly (if the situation allows it) prepare that particular region

- Train on a daily basis intensely but always leaving enough energy to support a short fight; in this sense, in the concept of "workout" enter all the other activities that in our routine cause us to burn calories (work, sports, walking, etc.)

- Gradually accustom our body to endure during training pain (conditioning, etc.) and higher workloads (weighted vest, complex movements, etc.) so that we can feel under normal conditions that we can express superior performances (agility, speed, power, coordination, etc.); this is one of the 6DKF's fundamentals, training at 100 to deal easily with 10

- Learn to use breathing instead of muscle strength and economize movements / energies during clashes; in training the effort must be voluntarily "extruded" in combat voluntarily minimized

- Train (through variable context repetitions) muscle memory in relation to the (sequences of) fighting techniques that best fit our personality; our body must at the same time be able to act unconsciously (if taken by surprise) and to follow our tactical directives with precision

- Wear common clothes but that never diminish our martial mobility; especially if we are able to use kicks and knees it is crucial to have garments that do not limit the amplitude, power and speed of our strokes

- Wear at least one (legal) element of our clothing that can quickly be converted to an improper defense weapon (eg. a belt, a ring, etc.); the best way to prevail is to maintain always a fixed and immediate advantage

- Follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water; as we have seen our Qi is strongly influenced by what our body assumes or does not assumes (read the article "Qi and proper nutrition")

Many other things could be said, but if we follow the psychological guidelines mentioned earlier and these last tips we will get the much-coveted result of being always ready to express a potential not less than 75% of our martial skills.

Once the mind is trained to be subject to our will it becomes rather "easy" to eliminate the most trivial psychological aspects as well as every type of other less intense physical weakness.

The real problem comes when what is limiting ourselves is a more serious physical problem, in the next article we will see how to behave in terms of more "serious" injuries and bad health states.

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