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Be ready to fight: preparation


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News > 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Be ready to fight: preparation

Being mentally able to express our best in a sudden self-defense situation is a goal far from easy to reach; we must be meticulously prepared:

- Through the use / control / channeling of emotions and sensations (eg. rationalization of danger, use of anger as last resource before succumbing, reflecting our fear to the adversary, etc.)

- Through realistic simulations (conceptual and practical) of the most effective strategies / tactics to be adopted; we need to test actual situations, from the simpler to the extreme ones (struggle, escape, gain of an advantage, deceit, ambush, etc.)

- Through daily meditation; if we manage to control our mind enough to free it from all thoughts and relax it, we can also "easely" impose immediate concentration on the idea of ​​fighting

- Through mental conditioning; from the conscious suggestion, to the anchors (read the article "Fighting and mind control: the anchors") to the most advanced self-control techniques

- Through the awareness forged in hard, serious, focused and constant daily workout (which gives confidence to ourself, hampers the idea of ​​suffering, resisting, accepting pain, and putting aside fatigue)

We will see all this in detail, but there is one thing that must be stressed: none of these practices work at the level of simple knowledge / poor practice. We must focus on the idea that we need to:

- Try

- Make a mistakes

- Experiment

- Assimilate

- Mechanize

- Adapt

- ...

Without practice, theory is useless, without full understanding, practice is vacuous.

In martial arts (and in life) everything that is really worth to be learnt is out of the idea of ​​"trick / shortcut". The tricks exist and we will study them (because they must be known and are often effective) but they are and remain limited, they can be expected / elused. True aptitudes are always at our service.

In the next article of this series we will see how to be constantly ready to fight from a physical point of view.

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