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Analysis and improvement of performance


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Analysis and improvement of performance

After stressing the importance of collecting clean, constant and ordered information about our training we go to the next step, the data analysis.

For a good martial artist, each month, it must come a time to devote to autocriticism. It can appear obvious but only a very small amount of people do it; it is necessary that we stop our cyclical training to understand and note:

- What are our failures

- Which roads have had a positive effect and which do not

- What are the strengths on which to insist

- ...

We have to ask ourselves the right questions and find, in relation to them: causes, effects and solutions.

Some examples:

- Why we quickly are out of breath? Improper breathing? Do not we train our resistance? More cardio exercises can help us? We must revise our method of inhalation / exhalation?

- Why the knives do not implant into the target? We should carry a greater number of launches or there is an error in the technique? How often we do knife throwing practice?

- Why our legs can not kick the fabric cloth in the air? We do not express enough power or we perform wrong movements?

- Why our defense is regularly penetrated? It 'too low? We make large movements in the wrong times? Are we slow? What exercise can help us to better manage our defense?

- What can we do to increase the number of kicks that we can make in 10 minutes? Where we struggle the most? Breathing is syncronized with the motion? In how many muscles is divided the effort? Slower or faster executions would benefit us?

- ...

Each error / failure has to be sectioned, analyzed and corrected. Nothing of we do is perfect, let's start with what gives us the bigger problems and gradually let's draw near to what we do best. We must:

- Ask questions to real experts

- Look for reliable articles, books, videos

The solutions that works come in 90% of cases from those who have already done our errors, from those who have already achieved our goals; who has not reached them or has only touched them, hardly can help us.

There is no limit to what / how we can improve and this is the most effective / faster way. In the next article of this series we will see through practical examples what to evaluate to improve.

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